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Learn To Skate

A note from our Skating Director, Hilary Eberle:


Hi CCSC Learn to Skate families!


You are receiving this email because we received a registration for your child or children for this year's Learn to Skate program at CCSC.  We will use email as the primary method for communicating regarding the program so please let me know if we should add any other email addresses to this distribution list.  Please note I work during the day and don't always check personal emails so if you need to get in touch with me urgently you can text me at 610-316-1911 and I'll respond as soon as possible.  (Don't forget to let me know who you are when you text too.  :-))


Our first class is Wednesday, November 1 at 6:20PM.  We have our CCSC Figure Skating coaches and junior coaches assisting with the program and will introduce them to you at the rink.  I will come talk to the parents in the stands the first night of class to answer any questions you may have.


We ask that parents remain in the stands during class.  Please do not come around to the penalty boxes or stand near the entrance as this makes it more challenging for the coaches.  We will come get you if your child needs to use the bathroom or needs you for any other reason.


In the meantime, below are some basic details regarding the program which we hope are helpful:


1.    Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:20-6:50PM. A couple of key points regarding the schedule:

·      We will split the class based on age / ability levels and make changes to this as the season progresses.  

·      During the season some classes may be canceled or rescheduled due to weather or hockey tournaments. I will communicate these changes via email as soon as I receive them and give as much advance warning as possible

·      We do not hold classes during the winter break or on Thanksgiving Eve (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving)  


2.     "Attire" needed for Learn to Skate:

·      Figure or hockey skates - please make sure the blades have been sharpened and instruct your kids to stay off the pavement and bleachers to protect them.  An important note regarding skates - the proper fit is key, and plastic skates are not recommended. A great place to purchase skates is the University of Delaware Pro shop or Patriot Center (formally known as The Pond). If you have any questions about your child's skates or fit please contact one of the coaches!

·      A helmet is required (hockey or bike / skateboarding) - make sure the back of your child's head is protected.  

·      We will get to know your child as the season progresses, but to help us out please put your child's name on a piece of masking or painter’s tape on the front of their helmet to help us identify everyone while we're on the ice.  Even familiar faces look different behind helmets!

·      Waterproof pants - Or layers of clothing to keep bottoms dry and warm, we sit on the ice and practice falling the first couple of weeks!

·      Jacket or coat - Not too bulky so the kids can move freely, or have them wear layers, or both!

·      Mittens or gloves - No bulky ski or hockey gloves as these make it harder for the kids when they're practicing falling and getting up!

·      Please no hockey pads as they make it harder for the kids to learn how to manage their body weight on the ice which is essential to learning how to skate.  They also add bulk which makes it harder for them to move freely.  They’ll have plenty of time for the full hockey gear and can use it during family skate if they want!


3. Prepare your kids in advance

·      Please let them know that they will fall, in fact we will teach them to fall and get up safely - this is a necessary part of learning to skate! I will tell them that if they're not falling, they're not learning but for some kids it helps if they know in advance so they're not too hard on themselves.

·      They will be cold! I know this seems obvious, because it's an ice rink. But first-time skaters can often be surprised at how cold it is, so you may want to prepare them for this in advance. 

·      If you purchase new skates or if your child has never worn them before please try to have him/her walk around the house in their skates (CARPET only!) to get them used to how their feet will feel in them. This also helps ease the "my feet hurt" woes until they get used to their skates. 

·      Remind your child/children that skates should not be worn on bleachers, pavement, cement, or any other hard surface.  This protects the blades from damage that can cause slips and falls on the ice.


We have tons of fun and will learn a lot throughout the season.  If you have any questions in the meantime don't hesitate to let us know. The best way to get to us is by sending an email ( and include a phone number where we can reach you.  


Looking forward to meeting you all at the rink!

Family Membership

Family membership:    $500

  • Usually made in the name of a parent or an adult, one family membership covers each child in that family. With family membership, you can do family skates and open hockey that are offered just about every weekend during our season.  We also offer various clinics around holidays that are also covered with this membership.
  • Click HERE to go to our registration page.

Learn To Skate

Learn To Skate: $600 (includes family membership for all immediate family members)

  • Learning to skate is fundamental to both our ice hockey and our figure skating program. Chester County Skating Club is proud to offer qualified and experienced instructors. A Family Membership is included in the registration fee and includes all of the benefits listed above. 
  • Please do not register for both Learn to Skate and a Family Membership as they are combined in the following link.
  • Click HERE to go to our registration page.

Learn to Skate at CCSC

Our Figure Skating instructors also develop CCSC's youngest members in our Learn to Skate program.

Learn to Skate is offered for the beginning skater to prepare him or her for hockey, figure skating, or both.  Learn to Skate is a group lesson focused on building basic skating skills. The minimum age is on or after the skaters 4th birthday. Skaters may be in the Learn to Skate program for one, two, or even three years.  

Learn to Skate classes are held Wednesday evenings starting in October. 



From Our Members:

"Hi Hilary I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great season. The student volunteers were just so great with the kids. Zoey really loved the program. The show was super fun!  Music was great and so were the kids you guys did a great job!  Thanks again so much and hope to see you all again next season!"



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